God designed us to be different - you are unique and there is no other like you - you are fearfully and wonderfully made. And what makes you unique is often very attractive to someone who is "uniquely different" than you. Think about it - did you marry someone very different? Differences impact all areas of your marriage, from communication to parenting strategies, as well as how you approach spending and saving. God intends for these differences to unite not divide - to live as one not two - the problem is that differences can create frustration and isolation over time.

God's plan for marriage is not for a husband and a wife to shed their uniqueness and become one homogenized entity, nor is it for two people to settle for a mediocre or miserable relationship just because they see and react to life so differently.  His plan is indeed for ONENESS, but, rather than the homogenized kind, the kind that comes when two unique (and often, entirely opposite) individuals learn to work together, utilizing their strengths to complement and support each other.

The Different by Design Marriage Conference is a practical and applicable conference. Couples complete an 8-10 minute pre-conference assignment that makes this conference a "one-of-kind" personal experience for each couple attending. The conference is interactive and full of simple exercises designed to open couple's eyes to God's divine design for differences. This will establish objective platforms to drive meaningful conversation.

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